How I Save- Tuesday edition

I went and scored some great deals at Walgreens this morning. I planned my trip for an hour or more last night and was expecting WG to be out of stock on many of my items, but they actually had more of what I wanted than I thought they would.

Transaction 1

Transaction 1
-Gillette Fusion Pro glide Razor Retail $12.99, Sale $9.89, I had a $5 off coupon and got back $5 in RR, so technically I made $0.11 on this item.
-Degree deodorant 4/$12 I used 2 BIGI free coupons and 2 $0.75 off coupons and got back a $5 RR, so I made $0.50 on this transaction.
-Goody's Power Retail $2, Sale $1.50, I used a $1 off mfc and got back a $1.50 RR, so I made $1 off this transaction

Total Retail Value: $26.99, I paid $9.87 before tax and got back $11.50 in RR. 

Transaction 2

Transaction 2
-Domino Sugar $2.99, Sale $2.19, I had a $0.50 mfc so I paid $1.69.
-Head and Shoulders family size $6.99, Sale $5.99 with a $2 off mfc and a $1 RR I paid $2.99.
-Listerine Pocket Paks $3.99, Sale $2.99, I used a -$0.50 off mfc and got a $2 RR, I paid $0.49.
 -Johnson and Johnson first aid kits $1.79 each, on sale for B1G1 half off, I had a $1 off 2 mfc so both for $1.69 and since I bought 2 first aid products I got a free first aid starter kit filled with $15 of coupons.
-BC Powder $2, Sale $1.50, I had a $1 off mfc and got back $1.50 in RR**, I made $0.50 here.
-Clorox wipes $3.99, sale $1.99, I thought I had a $1 off mfc but it was expired... so I paid $1.99.
-Royal Jello, $0.69, Sale $0.20/box. I paid $0.40 for 2.

Total Retail Value: $24.92 (not including the free kit, not sure of retail value here but has very valuable coupons!), I used the $11.50 of RR from the previous transaction and paid $0.74 before tax and got back $3.00** in RR.
**in going through this I realized another mistake I made, the BC powder RR didn't print because I used my Goody's RR on this transaction... so it didn't turn out quite like I had planned, my written plan got messed up because they were out of some of my items so I had to think fast and this is a silly mistake I made so I got back only $3 RR instead of $4.50 in retrospect I should have put the BC powder on transaction 3.

Transaction 3

Transaction 3
-Walgreens Ziplock bags $1.89, Sale $0.99.
-Oxy clean laundry products Retail $3.99, Sale $2.99 each I had a $3/2 mfc so I got both for $2.99.

Total Retail Value $9.89. I used $3 RR from transaction 2, and paid $0.97 before tax.

Total purchases

Trip Total Retail Value $61.80. I paid $11.58. 

81.2% Savings.


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