(Semi) Extreme Couponing...

I officially have a coupon binder... I got all of my tips from Hip2Save and kind of changed the categories for what makes more sense for me. I have had it a few weeks, but haven't actually had the time to put it to use until today.

Last night while watching The Apprentice, I went through and cut out this weeks coupons and started looking at the Walgreens deals. I get weekly emails about coupon deals also so I compared that to what I actually needed. I made a list and got out the coupons that I needed.

This morning I ventured to the store... and I did pretty good.

This is transaction number one. My total before sales and coupons was $26.50. After coupons and sales it was $13.97 and I got back $5 in Register Rewards. So I basically got all of the above for $9... or a 66.2% savings. I had at least one coupon for each of the above and stacked them with Walgreens sales and coupons.

This was transaction number 2. I did two transactions so I could use my Register Rewards... I have found that if I don't use them right then, I tend to forget about them and let them expire. It makes sense to me to put it towards something expensive like Hudson's formula but in order to use all of the RR I had to have filler items, these popcorn bags were just 33 cents each and Bryan has been wanting a coffee cup like this and it was on sale too. My total before savings here was $30. After coupons and sales my total was $16.33... not including the RR I used above it was $21.33, or a 29% savings.

So total out of pocket I paid $30.30 and my total before savings was $56.50.

This was a 46.4% savings over all!  

I am still learning, but I think that is pretty good and I only bought stuff that we needed or would use! Also on a side note I watched the register like a hawk. It was a new cashier and a few things didn't ring up like advertised (the Tostitos and the popcorn) but I took the ad with me so I could show him as we went. Another tip, Hudson uses the Similac Sensitive formula and there was an in ad coupon for Similac Advance at $21.99, I asked the cashier if he would match this price for the Sensitive and he had no problem with it. So that saved me $3 just for asking! 


  1. wow after seeing this I'm definitely getting myself a coupon binder! Love your blog and am your newest follower! I hope you'll follow me too :)


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