Show us your fridge!

Today I am linking up with mom got blog and showing you my fridge! I did not clean it out before taking these pictures... but we did just get back from vacation so it is a little less full than usual.

The Fridge
I thought I would do a little up close and personal action too...

Top three shelves have all the essentials. My new favorite milk is Almond Breeze... it is so good! I love it in smoothies and with cereal, but skim milk is also an essential in our house. I also love red diamond unsweet tea... other than that mostly fruit, yogurt, eggs, fresh chicken and free cool whip.

The bottom part is mostly fruit and veggies and our handy dandy brita pitcher since we're on well water.
The drawer has turkey, a variety of cheeses (including the laughing cow wedges...) and some other goodies.

The handy dandy door holds many more goodies. All of the essential condiments, yummy almond butter and a variety of dressings and sauces.

So that's it from the Buettemeyer's fridge.... the inside fridge at least. Our garage fridge has all the drinks including our favorite special k breakfast shakes!

Link up and show us what's in your fridge!


  1. Your fridge is so neat!! And filled with yum too.

    I have a question for you like the side by side fridge?

    I am not a big fan of was something we bought when we moved into this house and I am finding I don't like it all that much. Can you believe I am going to say NOT ENOUGH SPACE? Especially in the freezer.

    Just curious if you like yours.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks! No I don't like the side by side... esp in the freezer I feel like I am shoving things in there all the time. When we get a new one someday I will get the stainless steel with the freezer drawer, they seem like they have so much more space!!

  3. Very nice and well stocked!


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