Weight loss Wednesday (wk 4)

I am down again this week... 10 lbs total loss! 2 lbs lost this week. I really am starting to believe in weight watchers big time and I have still been working out at least 4 days a week for at least 30 min. Thanks to the nice weather I have gotten some extra walks in with a cute baby boy too. My eating has been pretty good but we did splurge for mothers day and I ate a few brownies... but my week turned out pretty nicely anyways.

So today I treated myself to a massage and got my nails done... trying to have incentives for myself that have nothing to do with food but give me something to look forward to for every ten lbs lost so I don't lose hope.

now I need something else to look forward to at 20 lbs lost... any suggestions??

My new workout is a 23 min quickie that my trainer says is better than just jogging or walking for an hour...
warm up 3.5 mph for 3 min
then 1 min each at 4-7.5
and repeat twice...
cool down at 3.5 mph for 3 min
Talk about a quick sweat!

ALSO I am on target to meet my goal of 12-15 lbs lost before our trip to FL. We leave next Wednesday and I am hoping to pull at least 2 lbs. I will miss the meeting next week but I will weigh at my house to see where I am before we leave! Feels good to be meeting my goals and I feel like I am losing at a good enough pace to keep it off.

28 days, 10 lbs down, 40 to go.


  1. Yeah! I vote for a shopping trip to Sephora or Ulta! New makeup or polish is always fun!

  2. Great job! I have got to get back on the wagon following the birth of our baby girl in April. I'm not sure which plan I am going to follow, but I know WW works! Good job! Lana :)


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