Couponing to the Extreme

I went to Walmart tonight to rake in some good deals. I had a few coupons about to expire and Bryan offered to stay at home with H so I could spend a little more time and attention while shopping. I love going to Walmart because I know they always have low prices, they have the best coupon policy, everything is always in stock and I get an associates discount. I didn't have to worry about separate transactions or register rewards. If you are just starting couponing then this post is for you. Anyone could do it.

I got everything pictured above...

The Sargento string cheese, two Popcorn Indiana's and the VitaMuffins were completely free because I had coupons to get them for free. These are all things that we love and are staples in our household.
Retail Value: $13 for all of them, I got them for FREE.

All You Mag: $1.88 filled with coupons... I will get my money back plus some.

Ivory Soap: $0.97 -$0.50 mfc= $0.47 for 3 bars of soap, pretty dang cheap.

Mentos Gum: $1.28/1 or $2.56/2 - 2/$1 mfc= $0.56 for both.

Noxema Bikini razors: $1.97 each -$2 mfc, I did this twice and made +$0.06 total on both packages of razors.

Pert 2 in 1 travel shampoo: $0.97 - $1 mfc= +$0.03

Cascade action gels trial size: $0.97 - $0.50 mfc= $0.47

Mini Ketchup (cutest bottle ever!): $0.60 - $0.50 mfc= $0.10

Dial body wash (travel size): $0.97 - $2 mfc= +$1.03

Kiwis: both for $0.66 (I needed them for fruit pizza, ha)

Pampers Wipes: $1.97 - $1 mfc= $0.97

Total Before Coupons: $28.50
Total After Coupons and my 10% discount: $3.75 INCLUDING tax... before tax just $2

I had $1.12 of overage to use on my other items from the things I made money on.

92.9% Savings. Booyah!

And here is my receipt to prove it!


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