Happy 9 Months Hudson!

Hudson turned 9 months old last week, I am a bit late in posting this. The past month has been the biggest developmental month so far. In the past month he went from a baby who could sit and play in one place to a crawling and standing baby boy. A lot more work for his momma and daddy.

Sweet baby boy in the 9th month of your life you have changed SO much.

-You are crawling and into EVERYTHING. The first time you crawled I was running your bath and I sat you in your room to play like I usually did, the next thing I knew I heard a pitter patter on the tile and you were coming to get me. I was SO proud.

-Within a week of that you started pulling yourself up to standing... and you did it for the first two nights ALL night long. That was fun.

-Now that you know how to put yourself back down it isn't an issue and you like to just play in your crib some now.

-You love swinging at g-ma and g-pa's house!

-You have found your reflection in the mirror and it is so cute to watch you interact with yourself.

-You have tried many new foods this month and this morning momma is making you pancakes for the first time, hope you like it!

-Your new favorite is spaghetti and meat sauce and banana yogurt.

-You talk and babble all the time, you say "bababababa or dadadada or gaaaaa" all the time.
-You are such a good baby, you hardly ever fuss.

-You have started letting us cuddle with you at night and we love it.

-You still take 4 8 oz bottles a day but never finish any of them in one sitting because you just love to play.

-You eat snacks twice a day and baby food twice a day. You are such a big boy- and Sadie loves to eat what you drop!

-You had your first high fever this month and it was the first time for you to be sick, it also happened while mommy and daddy were in florida, the first time for us to be away from you, but your grandma's took good care of you while we were gone!

-You are such a good sleeper and sleep from 7:30-6:30 or so with two good naps.

-You love the fact that it is summer because you LOVE being outside, we've been swimming three times so far and you absolutely love it, especially at grammy and grandpas house!

Hudson, I can't believe how fast time is passing. These days I feel like you are changing from baby into toddler. You're still the absolute best thing that has come into our lives and we love watching you change and grow up. It will be your first birthday before we know it. You bring us so much joy and we still fight over who gets to wake you up or get you from your crib because you are SO happy when you wake up and see us. We love you so much and are so happy that you are growing into such a big boy. You continue to bless us daily with your smiles, giggles and babbles. Can't wait to see what this next month brings.

Love, Mommy and Daddy


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