How I Save- Friday Edition

I have been MIA with the whole blogging thing for awhile and have gotten off of my schedule for a few reasons that I don't really need to go into here because excuses are excuses but hopefully next week will be back to normal!

First, I have missed the last two weight loss wednesdays because I haven't been at the meetings due to dr appointments... I have managed to gain like half a pound in those two weeks and I will be at the meeting next week to get back on track! So look forward to next week's weight loss post because I should also have news about my knee by then. Woo!

I missed How I Save Monday this week... so I am doing it today! My hubby and I have recently set a budget and we are trying to stay below $300/month on groceries, baby things, dog food and toiletries and things like that. I told him I probably spend around $400/month currently but since I have just really started couponing hard core I felt like I could give myself a little challenge and I am going to blog about it!

So week one of my month is going to start today. Today is pay day and I went shopping this morning.

First I went to Walgreens.

They are having a great deal on Hudson's formula this week and I think that other than the few times that I have had coupons to get it for free this was the best deal I have gotten on it... (and as I am typing this I realize that I could have gotten an even better deal because I forgot to use my infant care book coupon because I am so used to not having it that it totally slipped my mind-- thanks to kacy for sending it to me!).

The crackers were all on sale this week too. I got the crackerfulls completely for free and the ritz/wheat thins for $0.50 a box. The eggs were on sale for $0.99 and I needed the laffy taffy as a filler item!

Total spent at Wags: $17.19 and since the formula alone is usually $24.99, I'll say I did pretty good.

Then I hit up Wal-Mart.
This is where the real couponing takes place. In order to make my goal for the month I think we are going to have to venture out and try new things...

I got Seattle's Best coffee's which I had a $2 off coupon. I have only been able to find them at one Wal-Mart in our area and I have not been able to find the singles to be able to get some free ones! If anyone knows where single cans might be in NW Arkansas, let me know! (I know Target, WM in Bentonville/Jane and Walgreens don't have them). I also had an awesome $1 off coupon for light and fit making the 4 pack less than a dollar!

I got enough for us to eat lunch and 4 dinners (plus left overs) and a lot of other goodies. So we will be eating red beans and rice with sausage (I had a coupon for $1 off with 1 hillshire sausage and 2 zatarans), lloyds barbeque on hawaiian sweet rolls, a favorite of my hubby's, and we will be trying the taco stuffers since I had a coupon and we like mexican!

The new Oscar Meyer lunchables (if you will) for mom (it is what the ad says) are SO good. I had 4 coupons for $1 off of 1 and so I got 4! The turkey one has 11 WW points, including the sandwich, wheat thins and jell-o mousse... it will be good to take to work. The cheese nips ended up being $0.50 each.

The wet ones are PERFECT to throw in purses, in the car or in diaper bags, I got them for 2/$1. Pert plus travel size was free + .03 overage. The batteries were less than $2 with a coupon I had that printed at Walgreens. The benadryl itch stick was like $0.68 with my $2 off coupon, perfect for my hubby who gets bitten by every crawly bug alive.

The only thing that I purchased without a coupon was the sweetener, because I was almost out and use it in my coffee and tea-- I did get the WM brand (tastes the same) and the cheapest box though.

For everything pictured above I paid $26.57. That is by far a record for me grocery shopping.

So everything I got above only totaled $43.76 (that includes tax!). With a week's worth of formula, and a weeks worth of lunches and dinners, I'd say that is pretty good. We spent more than that eating out last night! (and as you can tell, I won't need to be buying crackers any time soon!)

I roughly figured the total retail value to be about $84 so I saved about $40.

Week 1:
total spent: $43.76
left for the month: $256.24


  1. I am participating in the commenting challenge. I enjoy looking at your blog. I am a new couponer so I like to see your finds!


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