How I Save Monday

Just went to Walgreens to redeem this weeks deals! I was happy that everything that I needed was in stock and I think this is because they are limiting the number of items per family per day, I have no problem with this because if I want to do the deal again I can still go back the next day and they aren't limiting number of transactions so I am very happy that all of my product has been in stock.

Transaction 1
Colgate Toothbrush- Sale $2.99 - $2 RR -$0.75 mfc= $0.24
Airwick (fancy schmancy) Airfreshener- $7.99-$3 RR-$4 mfc= $0.99
Duncan Heinz Mixes $1 each=$2
I used two $0.99 RR from last week
Total here: $6.25
Retail value:$13.50
53% savings

Transaction 2
Similac Ready to Feed-$4.49/1 or $9/2. I used a $1/2 mfc, so $8 for both.
Crunch bars- Sale $0.39-$0.35 mfc=$0.04 for one
Crunch bars- Sale $0.39-B2G1 free coupon= 3/$0.78
I used my two RR ($5) from the previous transaction and a $2 RR from last week.
Total here: $1.80
Retail value: $13
86% savings

Over retail value $26.50 and I paid $8.05, a 70% savings!

So I got everything pictured for $8.05 and I still have a $1 RR from last week left!

Also the last three weeks I have also gotten a print out of 25 free pampers gifts to grow points (I think formula/diapers trigger this) and I am well on my way to another magazine subscription (I already got a free fitness mag subscription with my points!).

Another saving tip for this week- I emailed a couple of companies and told them how much I liked their products and asked for samples or coupons and I have already gotten an email back from similac that they are sending me samples AND coupons! WOOO! It doesn't hurt to ask, and formula is expensive! I'll be sure to post a picture when they arrive!


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