June 25, 2011

Summer Travel Tips

I have three (possibly four) more trips left this summer.

One to visit B's family, one for a mission trip in Mexico, one to the BEACH, and one for one of my best friend's weddings.

I am so looking forward to all of my trips but stressing already about trip 1 and 3 because we will have Hudson on a plane! Thankfully my hubby will be with me both times too so we can tag team it but I am afraid he is going to be horrified.

I haven't been working a whole lot lately because they haven't needed me at the hospital so I have had more free time that usual and we are in a smaller house for the summer so I am starting to get a little stir crazy. It has been so hot out and we can only do so much swimming before a little boy gets worn out...

which leads me to my two questions...

First, any tips for traveling with and packing for a flight with a baby? Our first flight with him is next week, and I will take all of the help I can get.

Second, what do y'all do with your babies in the summer for entertainment? H loves to be outside but with it being 100 degrees out we can't really do that too much...

I am VERY thankful that I am not pregnant this summer, but chasing my little one around is SO much work...

Thanks for your help in advance!

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