Weight loss Wednesday (wk 8) and some other random stuff

I'm going to call this week a success, 2 lbs down! I was glad to get out of the 1 lb slump. I have been doing a lot of walking with Hudson in the stroller and I am anticipating my appointment with the Orthopedic Dr on Tuesday... lets all pray for good news and no surgery needed!

I start school tonight so my life is going to be getting busier and busier... it already is with a mobile baby on my hands! I am just talking one class this summer which will hopefully put me done with my bachelor's next December. I haven't been in a rush because there isn't a very big difference between an ADN or BSN of nursing, maybe a 25 cent pay increase... but I figure now is as good a time as any to get back into it, and I am weirdly looking forward to it.

My goal this week has been to wear Hudson out so that he sleeps well at night, so far so good. After Sunday night when he stood and screamed the majority of the night I knew something had to change. So we have been busy going out to the mall, to the pool, etc... We move into our summer rental house over the weekend and I think it will be easier to contain him there, so I am looking forward to it, but it is weird to think that he may be walking before we move back home in August. He turns 9 months old tomorrow and I am starting to think of baby birthday party ideas for his big birthday in just THREE months!

On another note, Bryan and I have been attending a new church in our area and have gotten plugged in with a small group. We are really really enjoying going and having fellowship with other couples our same age with children. It has really been such a blessing to us and I look forward to getting to know all of the girls better!

Hope you all are having a wonderful week, I am off to make turkey mignon on the grill with some fresh green beans and we will be following it with some homemade blueberry crisp for dessert!

50 days. 12 lbs down. 38 to go.


  1. 2 lbs is awesome!! wonderful job!! didn't realize your little man is so close to being 1. mine will be 1 this month on the 23rd :(

    do you mind me asking where you're going to church? we are in the midst of searching for a new one ourselves.


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