4th of July Weekend

We had a fabulous weekend, but I would be lying if I said I wasn't thrilled to be home.

Let me start by saying that Arkansas is HOT right now... very very very hot... but West Texas is WORSE. Basically I just didn't want to wear clothes because I felt nasty and sweaty all weekend, so I stayed in my lovely gym shorts as you can probably see in the pictures, because I was not packed appropriately.

Hudson did so good. The first flight was a little rough- it was at 7 pm, aka bedtime. He actually did well until we got stuck on the tarmac in Dallas with no AC for 20 minutes after we landed, during this time he was nothing but screams. I couldn't calm him down and neither could B. Finally we just gave him a bottle early to make him chill out. Other than that, he did great on the planes. He (and we all) got a severe lack of sleep this weekend, and has been out since we got home. This boy just loves his own crib (who doesn't...)

We got to see a lot of family and Hudson and I got to meet some family that we had never met. Hudson did great being held by a lot of unfamiliar people, I was worried about that.

We had all kinds of plans for tonight but I think we are going to just chill at home and take it easy, traveling is hard on mom and dad too!

Also, I am participating in Jenna's blog commenting challenge which you can find here.  It should be a fun week of meeting new blog friends and for my current blog friends, y'all should totally link in!

Here is our weekend in pictures:
H with Maw maw and Granddad

All of the Pate grandkids (hudson with gma and gpa and all of his cousins!)

H and Aunt Alesha

Carter made Hudson laugh so good

Hudson and daddy swimming

Momma feeding H ice cream (he loves it)

Hudson and Annie (Bryan's grandma)

Love of Hudson's life- Aunt Jordo

Hudson with Annie and Uncle Rick

Whitney, Me and Jordan

My family (excuse that I look SO tired)

cutest little boy

most handsome boys ever

H and momma

love this sweet laugh

happy fourth of july everyone!!! thanks for stopping by!


  1. i think you look great! hudson is precious, and i love his onesie! happy 4th!!

  2. Glad you had fun in Texas. It is hot but you get used to it eventually! Hudson is a cutie by the way!

  3. Your family is GORGEOUS! Love that header - how did you do that?? Love from Jenna's.


  4. Such a cute family! I love the picture of all your feet at your header! SOOO PRECIOUS! I see theat yuou flew recently with your little man..I am taking my little man, 3 months, on a plane from California to North Carolina in two days and I am a little nervous! Any tips???

  5. What lovely family pics!! Stopping by to say hi from the challenge (following your cute blog)...have an awesome day :)
    Btw you should definately visit Australia again soon!!

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Flying with a little one is definitely challenging. My first flight with my son was when he was 8 months old and we flew ALONE from Washington state to Florida. I was so tired at the end of the day!

  7. I LOVE the pics! I had such a wonderful time with you all! Hudson is such an angel! I am however craving to see some pics of Noah and Huddy together! Love y'all and hope to see you again soon! <3 Whitney


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