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I've already mentioned that I am participating in a blogging commenting challenge this week on Jenna's Journey, but I have seen some other bloggers doing a "Ten Things About Me" post... so I thought I would join in (sorry this may be boring to my friends and family, but bear with me).

1. I am a southern girl, raised in NW Arkansas, in the hometown of Wal-Mart. My dad is retired from Wal-Mart and my Hubby currently works there. I love Wal-Mart so don't bash my store please. :)

2. I have several different titles. Nurse (2 days a week), Sister, Friend, Daughter... but the two most important to me are Wife and Mother. I take my role as a wife to my husband of 2 1/2 years, Bryan, and my role as a mother to my (almost) ten month old, Hudson, very very seriously. To read Hudson's birth story you can go here.

3. I have recently started couponing. I did it casually prior to the show but in my free time I have picked it up a bit more, and I love to blog about my savings, I do a post on Monday's about my savings (and on other days too...). I did a couponing how to post that you can check out right here!

4. I love to run... but currently I can't because I have to have knee surgery (again) in August (boo).You can read my post with all of the details here!

5. I am doing weight watchers to lose my baby weight and I post about my weight loss on Wednesdays because those are the days that I go to the WW meeting... this is getting harder now that I can't work out though.

6. I have also recently started sewing, I make monogrammed burp cloths and other baby things but I am kind of taking a break this summer. You can check out my post about it here!

7. I love to look at design blogs and cooking blogs. I am always in for a new project or recipe, so if you have a blog like this let me know!!! I post my own on occasion as well.

8. My hubby is a pretty awesome photographer, I might be a little biased, but it's true. The link to his website is in my left sidebar, you should totally check it out. (he tried to teach me, but it didn't really stick... maybe one day.)

9. I love to shop. I use the money I save from couponing to buy the things that I really want. I think my favorite thing to buy is purses... and shoes... and just okay, everything. I am pretty good at self-control and I even enjoy just window shopping, especially for cars and furniture (things way to expensive for me to buy!).

10. Last and most importantly, I am a believer in Jesus Christ. What a blessing it is to have a platform like this to meet, pray for and encourage other Christians. My hubby and I have recently been attending a new church and I will be doing a post about that soon.

Hope you enjoyed my post and learned something new about me! Thank you all for the sweet comments, I love reading them!!

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  1. Jenna-I love your blog!! This post was a great way to "meet" you! I love how you connect back to all these posts to learn more about you :) I will add this to my posts for this week so people from the challenge can learn more about me too :)

  2. yeah for sewing! i wish i could thread a needle! HA! :) i need to check out your husband's photography site. i've been meaning to get the boys' picture made.

  3. Here from Jenna's commenting challenge. I am a nurse 2 days a week as well. It's a great happy medium. I get to work (which I like usually) and I get to stay home with my babies (5y/o and 8wk old) during the week. Your little one is too precious. I also read your birth story. I posted mine on my blog too. I just wanted to remember it forever.

  4. Love your blog!! I sew and monogram too :)

  5. Over from Jenna's! Your little man is so stink'n cute :) I love to coupon and I wish I had time to sew. Love your blog!!!

  6. I love Wal-Mart! We checked it out when we were in America and grabbed a few bargains ;)

  7. It's great to meet you! I'm stopping by from Jenna's Journey. I have an 18 month old son and love reading about other mom's adventures! ha! :-)

  8. I love to run too!! It is my favorite thing!! And I am on weight watchers right now too! I love it, it works so great!! Came over from Jenna's blog:)

  9. Hey! Just stopping by for the comment challenge! Your blog is super cute! We just had our second little one and I'm trying, key word there, to get into running to shed those baby pounds! Plus the pounds still hanging around from the 1st pregnancy almost 5 years ago :)

  10. Stopping in from Jenna's commenting challenge. Your little one is adorable! And I can definitely understand losing the baby weight! I had my little girl 15 weeks ago and I'm definitely working on getting it all off. :)

  11. Hi Jenna! Stopping by from the Commenting Challenge. Hudson is a doll! And I am with you on the Weight Watchers thing. I started at the end of March and have been stalled for about a month! Can't wait to read more!


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