Happy 10 months Hudson!

I say this every single month but I cannot believe MY baby boy is ten months old... almost a toddler! I've been meaning to post this all week and just now getting around to it, he was 10 months last Saturday (7/9).

This month has brought a new baby. He has such a great personality and is so funny!


-I just can't believe that you are such a big boy now! You are standing and walking around ALL of the furniture all the time.
-You love to get into everything, especially the things we don't want you getting into!
-You have started mimicking us saying "no-no" by shaking your head at us. It is pretty funny.
-You are starting to get upset when we leave the room, you scream until someone comes back to play with you.

-You are in a big boy car seat now and you love it!
-You are doing great in swimming lessons and the teacher thinks you are a natural.
-You got to fly on your first airplane this month, you did pretty well, just not at bedtime.
-You are still taking 4 bottles a day but usually only 6-7 oz at a time. You love your baby food.
-Your new favorite meal is banana cinnamon oatmeal that mama makes special for you!
-You've just discovered that you're afraid of the vacuum.

-You are in 9-12 month clothes now, still size 3 diapers.
-You are starting to get attached to your lovey, and it makes my heart happy!
-You are such a talker, you babble and make noises all the time.
-You are a speedy little crawler now, too!
-You are so funny, you like to scrunch up your nose and then smile so big.
-You laugh all the time now.

-You're getting brave and starting to let go and try to take a step, but so far just falling!
-I really think you're starting to look even more like daddy, I didn't know it was possible!
-You weigh right under 21 lbs and you're starting to thin out since you're so active!
-You go go go for about two hours usually and then you're ready for a good nap these days, momma appreciates those naps after chasing you all over!
-You've got one little tooth on the bottom left... and the other one is about to come through.

You are such a sweet little blessing to us, you're so cute and we love to kiss you and play with you all the time. I am a little sad to be leaving you for a whole week but glad to know your daddy will take great care of you! I love you more everyday and you bring me so much joy.

Love, Mommy


  1. Happy ten month Hudson!! Such a cutie!!

  2. aww! rylee is 9 months old and they're doing about the same stuff! it's so neat watching them grow :)

  3. Happy 10 months, Little Hudson! :) Lana

  4. oh, what's that new treat on the coffee table? a new lens? ; )


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