Hobo International!!!!!!

I wasn't plan on posting today but Rue La La is at it again with AMAZING Hobo International deals today! I just bought a purse/clutch that I honestly ALMOST bought for $150 a few weeks ago and I got it for $79!!!!! You guys HAVE to go check it out if you love Hobo... and even if you don't still check it out.

This is an example of why I coupon... I have semi-expensive taste and I don't mind splurging if I know that I am saving elsewhere. I save money on things I have to have so I can buy the things that I want. This deal is incredible because I honestly had it in my hands at the store to buy two weeks ago and decided it was too much, but now I am getting the same bag half off!

Since it is invite only I am including a link HERE to an invite from me so you can get these steal of a deals too! You have to hurry though because they are already selling out of some of the stuff. You don't want to miss out!!

I got this AMAZING bag...
Photo courtesy of ruelala.com

You seriously need one too, I'm pretty sure! Again go HERE for your own invite from me and get something great from Hobo! I am SO excited about getting mine in the mail!

Also, I'm in Mexico from tomorrow until next Saturday. So you won't be hearing from me unless I get a chance to update while I am there. Say a prayer for me as I leave my boys tomorrow and for Bryan since he will be in charge of Hudson all week. I am looking forward to my trip and I'll have an update when I am back!