How I Save Monday

This week starts my new blogging schedule. Monday I will blog about my grocery budget and savings... this week there isn't much to post because I have a ton of food at my house and we are moving back to our other house next week, so I don't really want to buy more... which is very good for the budget!

So I spent a grand total of $26.04 on formula and stamps, two things I had to have... I used a $5 off similac check, a $2 off similac wgc and a $1 off similac mfc and I got a $3 RR to use at WG later... so I saved $11 on the formula alone.

I got an AMAZING erin condren planner today for $20 that usually retail for $50! I can't wait to use it! Check it out at plum district right here. She has so much other cool stuff too and Plum District is selling vouchers for half off and I used a promo code "inwithnew" for another $5 off!

I'll do a post Mexico trip post soon too and I'll post my meal plans for the week tomorrow. I'm a little under the weather and headed for a nap while the baby naps. Glad to be home!


  1. Thanks for posting about plum district! I got a life planner for $15 today! I've wanted one for a very long time, but just couldn't justify the $50. Loving the budget advice! :)


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