Mission trip day 1

If I have time I thought I would post a little update every night. Today we slept in a little, got up, ate breakfast and went to church. We went to Torre Fuerte Main and listened to an all Spanish message. It was a good Spanish refresher and a good service.

After church we went to Atilixco where our clinic will be. We ate lunch (an interesting assortment of cream and fruit, spaghetti with ham and shredded meat) and then set up our clinic and pharmacy. We will have three doctors, a nurse practitioner (my mom) and a pharmacist. Me and the other RN will be doing vitals, triaging patients and giving shots. I am really looking forward to it and to see what all the Lord has in store for this week.

After that we went to this amazing taco restaurant-- feria del taco. Homemade tortillas, tacos al pastor, and this amazing cheese stuff. Then we had our nightly team meeting and bible study, walked to the supermercado and got some special k for breakfast and some other stuff. Then I talked to my hubby for a few minutes. He and Hudson seem to be holding up well without me, I'm really starting to miss them but I know the Lord has me here for a reason and I am glad and excited to be here.

I'll try to update tomorrow night, the wifi is kind of spotty so I am not sure. Maybe I'll get some pictures too!

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