Weight loss Wednesday and whats to come!

This was a great week for weight loss! I am down another 4.2 lbs! I don't really know what I did different except I am trying to drink a lot of water... and really counting my points. I am a happy camper!

So that means I am officially down 15 lbs! 35 or so to go... back on track.

Starting in two weeks I am going to be blogging about some different things. I am really excited about it.

Mondays will be "How I Save Monday" still, but with a twist... I am putting myself on a $250 grocery budget/month... I'm not sure if I can do it but we are going to be REALLY saving money so I am going to try. So on Monday I will have pictures and prices of all of my groceries to keep me accountable.

Tuesday will be "What's Cookin' Tuesday"... I will post a new recipe (healthy of course!) and a list of my meals for the week... I was also thinking about doing a McLinky for other recipes/meal plans on Tuesdays to help give each other ideas for good, healthy recipes... we could even do a theme each week... anyone interested??

Wednesday will be "Weight loss Wednesday"

Thursday will be "Picture Thursday", I will do a post with new pictures of Hudson and whatever else my heart desires...

Friday- Sunday will be whatever I feel like posting...

So that's the plan, I am starting all this in a week and half!

Also, my giveaway winner never responded so I am drawing another winner...

Brittney-- You are new the winner!!! :)

So let me know what you all think about the new blog line-up... anything else you want to see???


  1. This sounds great to me! I love savings, recipes, weight loss posts, pictures and anything random! :)

  2. Good job on the weight loss! I just started Weight Watchers on Monday. So far so good!

  3. Woohoo for winning! And congrats on the good loss! I am FINALLY on the downward slope again!

  4. congratulations on the weight loss, that's great!!!! love your lineup!

  5. I'd link up on your What's Cookin' Tuesday!! Fun! I always love looking at recipes and am curious as to what other people eat. Is that odd?? :)

  6. YAY!! That is so exciting, good for you!

  7. I knew about weight loss and very inspiring. Thanks for linking up. Keep it up.

  8. Congrats on your weight loss! I have done WW in the past and am thinking it is the plan that I need to be following now that DD#2 is 3 months old. I need the structure and accountability. I would love to link up with the recipes and I love your line-up. Lana :)


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