Weight loss Wednesday

The scale is stuck... but that is actually a good thing because I ate a LOT of tortillas in Mexico, the homemade ones are SO good. So I didn't gain any but I didn't lose any either. Still at 15 lbs down and 30 lbs to go, and I am going on a week long vacay to FL next weekend, and my goal for that week is to MAINTAIN. So maybe I can lose between now and then? I hope! My vacations will be done after that and I will be stuck in bed after my knee surgery so I should be good to go.

at Aunt Jordo's surprise party
I am not going to my weight watchers meetings today because I have my final tomorrow (after working a 12 hour shift, should be fun) and I need to take advantage of my babysitter, aka my grandma, so I can go and study and finish up my school work for the semester.
you can tell he is thrilled about swinging here...
Hudson is into everything and I feel like I can't get anything done unless he is napping. We are moving Sunday/Bryan is moving all of our stuff because I am working so I am also packing today... and I won't get anything done unless I leave the house. He took his first two steps the other night and I was so proud! I will try to get it on video next time. Oh and H got his hair cut yesterday, it is so cute!
handsome boy after his haircut
I've had some kind of weird sickness this week where I am so tired and have to pry myself out of bed. Maybe my body is just telling me that I need to rest after last week, but it has been miserable. Anyways, that is it for now, please link up your meals with yesterday's post! I love to get new ideas!


  1. We must have the same scale...mine feels like it is stuck too - whatever I lose one wqeek I tend to gain back the next:( We'll get there:)

    Congrats on Hudson's first step - that is so exciting and scary all at the same time I'm sure - round 2 of baby proofing!!

    Good luck on your test and enjoy your upcoming vacation!!


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