5 Reasons Why I LOVE the Extreme Heat

Howdy blog readers!

My name is Brittany from Naturallyestes and I am guest blogging over here for Jenna. Feel free to stop by and check out my blog...of course after you read my post. ;) 

For those of you that know me, you might be a little shocked that Jenna would even consider leaving her blog in my hands....oh geez. 

I promise to try and not make a fool of myself, and ruin her blog. (remember, I said I would try. haha!)


Let's get down to business.

What is n everyone's mind right now?!?

The heat. I mean how can you be thinking about anything else when the temperature hasn't dropped below 100 degrees in over 40 days!!! (yes folks....I live in the great state of Texas. One time I am not excited about it. haha!)

So with all of our minds already focused on temps that could clearly compete with Hell, I thought I'd shed a new light on the scenario.

A positive spin.

Yeah, I'm real good at that. Ha!

Top 5 Reasons why I LOVE the Extreme Heat

1. I get to see my hands and ankles swell to unbelievable sizes.

Granted, I am pregnant...BUT I was pregnant two other times in the summer and have never had sausage like toes. This is a new one! Hooray for new experiences.

2. Your lawn becomes a built in security system.

Because the grass is so dead/brittle that one step on your lawn can be heard by the whole neighborhood. If that wasn't bad enough, you can't walk on it barefoot without feeling like shards of glass slashing your feet.

3. Self discovery-

Who knew you could sweat from your elbows? I had no idea. Frankly, I'm kind of impressed...this might be Guinness World Book of Records kind of stuff.


You're losing weight! (eh, big deal!)

4. Ice cream becomes an accessory

Oh yes, the chocolate mustache...classic.

5. Modesty and Fashion sense are out


Would you believe the front view was complete with a cut out around the belly button?!

No lie.

Normally I would feel compelled to throw up...maybe even feel the need to chastise this gentleman. But in this heat, it seems all fashion indecency is forgiven.


So while the heat may be getting to you, take a second and see all the good it has brought.


Thanks Jenna for letting me stop by!!


  1. Brittany I love reading your posts! Isabelle ventured outside with no shoes on and was frozen in shock on the sidewalk. She just screamed because she knew how unpleasant the grass is but let her feet catch on fire from the hot pavement. She hasn't gone outside without shoes since.


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