And the surgery saga continues...

As most of you know I had surgery on Friday. It ended up being much more extensive than they thought it was going to be. My ACL was like a "loose rubber band" according to my doctor and my recovery has been/will be most grueling. I have never had as much pain in my life (no not even in labor)...

My husband snapped this of me right before surgery, lovely...
I actually felt pretty good until about 10 last night when I woke up with the most extreme pain I have felt in my whole life. I had an allergic reaction to one of my pain pills so I can only take one kind that they had given me and it just wasn't doing the job. I could go for about 2 hours after I took it until the extreme pain came back. I called my doctor this morning and they told me some changes that I could make and I have felt much better since then.

My knee was so bad that my physical therapy is postponed for at least a week and I am toe touch weight bearing at most for right now until I go to the doctor on Thursday. Basically meaning I can crutch my way to the bathroom and back and forth from my bed to the couch.

Flower Bryan got me... so pretty
Bryan has been doing a really super job taking care of me and my mom (my personal nurse practitioner) has come over to change my dressing and she helped me wash my hair (no I can't shower until at least Thursday... gross I know) and painted my nails for me today. Hudson has been shuffled between both sets of grandparents this weekend, we are so grateful for their help because I honestly don't know how we could have done it with him around too... and I am still wondering that for the rest of the week.

So for now we are taking it one day at a time. I am trying to keep my pain to a minimum which has proved to be harder than I thought it would be... but I am so thankful for sweet friends who are bringing us food and all of the help from our families. And my bestie is bringing me a pumpkin spice latte as we speak so I will be a happy girl tonight...


  1. Ugh, I am SO sorry friend. I am praying for a quick recovery!!

  2. oh goodness, i pray you are pain free soon!!!

  3. When Kris had his patella tendon replaced last year, it was horrible! He was in the same situation as you, where the damage was much more extensive, but they didn't know until they got in. I will be praying for a quick and pain free recovery for you! Love you guys! ~ Miranda

  4. Oh Jenna I'm so sorry! I can't imagine how you are feeling right now. Praying that your pain goes away soon and will have a quick recovery!

  5. Jenna, sweet girl. I am so sorry you have to have pain. I know this too shall pass and you will be an even stronger person because of it, and have a much stronger knee, but I know it is very hard getting from here to there. Can't believe baby H is walking. I hope Bryan will have a chance to video it and put it on facebook so we can see him walking. Glad for your mom, and Janet and for gma Kathy. You are gonna need them all for awhile. Even though it's hard to not do anything, I hope you will find time to do some things you might not otherwise have a chance to do. Fill out H's baby book, read some good books, do some neat devotions, watch some good movies, and best of all spend time in prayer. Know it's hard. Never was laid up except following Uncle Scott's birth (C-section) and I had a tough time dealing with the other three and house stuff. But gpa was there to help me, and so was aunt Jean. Just love you so much, and I'm so proud of you, at the wonderful young woman, wife, and mother you are. Mostly though what a special Christian person you are. Love you more than I can put into words. Praying for you every day. Gma J

  6. thank you all for thinking of me! I appreciate it!!


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