Happy 11 Months Hudson!

Due to my recent vacation and upcoming surgery Weight Loss Wednesdays will be a bit different. This week I will admit, since I promise to always be honest that I gainEd FOUR pounds on vacation but I have returned home dieting better than ever. Hope to be back to square one next week.

So I am replacing Weight Loss Wednesday this week with Hudson's 11 month post!

I love watching you grow up right in front of me. This month you have taken your very first steps, gone to the beach and just started "school" for the first time. You looks more like your daddy than ever but you have momma's light brown eyes.

-You're done with bottles, only sippy cups now.
-You weigh aprx 22 lbs and are wearing 9-12 mo clothes and size 3 diapers
-You love to talk and babble all the time. You say "dadadada" the most but "mama" slips in there some too!
-You have your bottom two teeth.
-You've taken 6 steps in a row but seem to by shy about going much farther, I know it will come though.

We keeps seeing a new part of your personality all of the time, you are just the sweetest and most adventurous little boy ever. You continue to bless us daily and we are so looking forward to your first birthday in just a few more weeks! We love you so much buddy!


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