How I save Monday

I did good again this week! Two trips to Walgreens and two Wal-Mart stops.

Believe it or not I spent $7.01 on all this stuff (including tax...)

I didn't take pictures of my other two trips because this week has been kind of crazy... but I spent $22.30 and $13.26 at Wags on stuff... including formula, tweezers, toilet paper, two 4 pk of special k drinks, a bow of sweet'n'low packets, two skinny cow chocolates and two packages of pampers.

And I went and picked up a Rotisserie Chicken and sides for dinner last night which was around $11 at Wal-mart, a lot cheaper than eating out.

So my grocery total for the month so far is $87.45 (for two weeks... pretty darn good... if you ask me)
left: $162.55

Tomorrow a guest post for the first time... stay tuned.


  1. That's great - I love what you are doing with sticking to the budget and tracking it. I hope to get to that point soon now that we have a steady income again :-)


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