Hudson's Baby Shower

As I was looking through my posts to link up with Kelly's Korner's SUYL I realized that I never did a baby shower post for Hudson. Thankfully I still had the pictures on my computer and decided better late than never! My girl friends from church threw me a shower at Panera in the back room, and it was really nice!

A girl at our church makes the BEST cookies! Aren't they cute??

Oh my goodness, I was HUGE

This was last July, so I would have been 7 1/2 months pregnant
My friend Rhyanne threw the shower, she did awesome!!
Nothing sweeter than monogrammed cookies!

My hostesses got me the stroller/carseat duo, love it!

My besties... and no, my best friend isn't blind... she's a cop and got pepper sprayed that day in training! ha!

My mom and MIL, Hudson's Grammy and G-Ma

SO many gifts, so blessed
Love the Boppy
So there is Hudson's baby shower, just a year or so late! Makes me happy to look back on this and see how blessed we were and how grateful I am to NOT be pregnant in 103 degree heat this summer!


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