Looking back & Looking ahead

I stumbled upon a post that I wrote exactly a year ago this week...
It is interesting because last years post was a post that I did a year after the post below.

July 2009

"What a blessing today has been for me. For some reason I feel the need to write this note and share a little bit about what the Lord has been doing in our lives. I think more than anything, each day is another reminder of the Lord's faithfulness and goodness. No matter how far we fall away, He continues to love us and draw us back to Him. He has been teaching me that everything happens in his perfect timing alone. He has been answering my prayers in ways I could never imagine. Bryan sent me a passion podcast this morning and I thought I would share some of it with all of you.

"You are called to follow Jesus right here, right now, right in this community with these people... You are also called to be true to your own DNA, how God has created you- not only to reach these people but to live among them. Do not be distracted. Remember that God can do great things through those who are slow, steady and faithful. Your calling is just to follow Jesus." 'Summertime' Passion Podcast (I strongly recommend you listen to it)

For anyone who knows me well, they know that my passion is mission work. I've suffered (half-joking) through 15 months of nursing school to eventually meet my goal of doing mission work in Mexico- possibly opening a free clinic one day. It is so easy to get discouraged when you have a goal in mind that seems so far off. This reminded me that God has me here, right now for a reason. This is my mission field. Now is the only time that I am guaranteed, my future is in the Lord's hands alone.

With graduation, job prospects and housing changes in the near future for Bryan and I, we are continuing to trust in God to place us exactly where we can serve him the best, in the center of His plan for us."

Last years post here: August 2010


This year I am writing as a momma of an almost 1 year old. My heart is so full of joy as I look back on these posts from when I was first just a newlywed, and then an expecting (about to pop) momma. It is wonderful to look back on the last year and how the Lord has changed our lives.

We have some more life changes that have kind of been on the down low but that I have been given the okay to talk about now...

Bryan just got a promotion this week within his own department. His bosses didn't want to lose him to another department so they created a new-ish position for him. I think that shows what a great job he is doing in his area and how much his team appreciates him. I am SO proud of him and all of his hard work. He is still doing a lot of photography on the weekends with a friend of his, and he really enjoys it, and he is pretty darn good at it. :)

I just had knee surgery and am unable to do a whole lot at this point. Since it was a lot harder than I was anticipating I have been over-doing it some and then have been paying the consequences. This momma needs to learn to stay on the couch and let people help me more! (speaking of that, I am SO thankful to have so much family close to help us!) I have been spending a lot of time on crafts and looking at fun stuff on Pinterest. I am off of work until November, but the Lord has provided me with a new position when I go back to work that can continue to let me just work two days a week and stay at home with Hudson the other days. I also just got to go to Mexico to fulfill one of my many callings and I am already looking forward to next year's trip!

Hudson just started Mother's Day Out two days a week and he is doing so great. I was worried how he would be with taking naps around other kids and sharing toys, but so far he has done so great and his teachers say he is very adventurous-- like his daddy. I can't believe in less than two weeks he will be a YEAR old!

We have known for a month or two now that we will be moving next spring/summer. This is bitter sweet for us because we love where we live and that we have been house sitting for a great family for the last two years, but we are also ready to have a house of our own. We are praying about our options right now and hoping that the Lord makes his plan for us clear. We would love to buy but want to make the best financial decision.

The Lord keeps providing when we need Him. He is so faithful to us and diligent to keep us. I love looking back at my faith two years ago and seeing where the Lord has led me (in my marriage, as a mother and just in my walk) since then.

He is so good, even in the hard times, He IS Good.

I still can only see parts of my picture, but I am loving every piece.

I will continue to go where He leads me.


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