Oh How I Love Rosettes... DIY day 2

I got a bit crafty today again and woke up really wanting to sew. I haven't sewn in MONTHS... so I was excited. I made a dish towel that I am absolutely in love with and I think I am going to add them to my wedding gift category! I didn't plan on all of my crafts containing rosettes... but I think they are going to, HA! Maybe I need to do a post about how to make rosettes? Let me know if there is interest!

So i started with a plain cheesecloth dish towel...

Folded it in half.. sewed on some stuff...

and voila!

Ties perfectly around the over handle

I took matters into my own hands for the embellishments, I am kind of obsessed with rosettes.

top detailing, untied

again, rosettes... my friend Sam and I spent hours making them last night...
Here is the link to the post for inspiration that I found on Pinterest, of course! DIY towels

So there is my craft for the morning... I am planning on making MANY more of them... so watch for pictures to come... and I do promise some wreath pictures when they get finished later!

One more thing... I logged on this morning and noticed that I am ONE person away from having 100 followers. I'd be ecstatic if I could hit 100 today!

AND if I get to 100 followers on my facebook page FROM JKB WITH LOVE I will GIVE one of these away!

Thanks for your support loves!


  1. Digging the rosettes....would LOVE to know how to make them!

  2. Love that please please post how to make them I really would love adding it to some of my projects!!!

  3. thanks y'all!! I'll do a rosette DIY post tomorrow!!!

  4. these are SO stinkn' cute! I love the vintage feel :O)


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