Our week at the Beach in pictures

H playing with my/his cousins
gma and gpa in the amazing kitchen
H loves his grandpa

My brother... his hair has "volume"
Happy Birthday Max!
Grandpa asleep
Max "playing" the piano

Abi and Wendy on our patio
Cute little boy
mmm camera lens cap

going to the beach

I love my baby boy

going to the outlets

eating his first Lambert's roll

the back of our beach house
The front
Bryan was practicing ring shots with our wedding rings, I like this one.


  1. gorgeous! the beach pics of you and Huddy are the best!! So is that last one with Bryan and his sweet son. Beautiful family! And what an awesome beach house...HELLO!

  2. Great pics! Looks like you all had a great time. Lana :)


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