Surgery Recovery... the crafty way...

First I thought I would show you where I have been living, sleeping, eating, breathing... for the last week. On the couch... note my dog by my ice pack machine (she is TERRIFIED of my crutches and runs when I get up)... at least we have comfy couches.

I went back to see my doctor today and everything went well. I can't drive for a month... but I can start sleeping without my brace on, which is good news! He anticipates at this point I will be off of work for the full three months, bitter sweet... he reiterated again how hard of a surgery I had and said that I seem to be doing pretty well! I start physical therapy on Monday, hope that goes well too.

My mom went with me to my appointment and then took me to lunch. I talked her into taking me to Hobby Lobby to get some crafting stuff and I over did it there... I was SO exhausted and we didn't make it to my next stop which was supposed to be Old Navy to use a coupon, that shows how tired I really was if I couldn't even make it to all the stores I wanted to go to.

I have found SO many amazing DIY and craft projects on Pinterest that I want to do... so today I made my first masterpiece.
Crafting table, my friend Sam and I are working on our wreaths tonight...
I turned this cool rooster poster into.............................................

THIS awesome meal planner board....

It is such an easy and fun DIY. Click to see my inspiration!
I made magnets for all of our favorite meals and put a little envelope on so they are easily interchangeable. It was a very fun project for my afternoon.

Tomorrow's post will hopefully be about the wreaths we are about to make... stay tuned...


  1. I love it. . . That's awesome, you are by far way more creative then I . . . I just have a magnet on the refrigerator that lists our dinner schedule. . . but I'm totally in love with your idea, and i might steal it! :)

  2. i loove that!! i'm glad to see you're feeling okay :)


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