What I'm lovin' Media Edition...

I occasionally like to do a post showing what books I am reading and getting ideas from some of you of other things you're reading and have liked! Since I am not cooking this week and all of our meals are being delivered by our amazing friends, I thought this would be better for today!

I am attempting to get back into this book, One Thousand Gifts. I started it last fall and got preoccupied, but it is really good and I am looking forward to reading it.

Over the summer I read the Hunger Games. I am actually still on the 3rd book right now, I am hoping to finish it this week. It is a really good series.

Bryan and I just finished the first two seasons of The Buried Life of Netflix. It was really good. I recommend it to anyone who hasn't watched it. And if you have netflix recommendations, I am open to them!

I have been listening to Tyler Ward (and his covers) on Spofity... something different. 

Food Network Mag is my favorite, and this month's copy is awesome. I read it on my iPad so I can keep all of my issues together and find recipes easily, I never have to worry about having stacks of magazines around.

And my new favorite media love is Pinterest. I have an OBSESSION. My hubby keeps telling me that I can't stop "pinning" long enough to even watch TV with him... this is not true.

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So there are my current media loves. Share some of yours if you want, I always like new things!


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