Accountability Post

I am doing this because this is putting it into writing... and I need some accountability here people!

Here is the plan
No Diet Coke (yikes) or carbonated beverages for 21 days
No added sugar for 21 days
Drinking Jillian Michael's diet tea for the next week... it's actually pretty good.
Lots of water and walking when I am allowed to again...

I've got some weight to lose!

Thanks for letting me write that... now that it is in writing, I feel like it is official!

If anyone wants to be crazy and join with me, feel free! I am starting officially tomorrow because I have had added sugar already today, but I am technically starting NOW.

I've got family pictures in a little less than two weeks and it's sad, but really that is my motivation right now. I REALLY want to be "officially prepregnancy weight" by then and thats about 6-7 pounds. Think I can do it?

And then I will really only have 30 more pounds to go... yikes.


  1. Im with ya on the no pop... that is all I feel I could seriously commit to... lol I will try the no added sugar... but no promises!

    Thanks for the motivation!

  2. you can DO IT!!! ps. I bought a 32 oz water bottle that i really liked and I carry it with me everywhere i go, and to every room, and it really helps with the water intake. just a friendly little tip from your friend!


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