In honor of baby Maddie on Kellie's birthday

A sweet fellow blogger, Kellie, is celebrating her birthday today without her precious baby girl. Kellie's baby, Maddie, went to be with Jesus shortly after turning four months old this past Februrary. Kellie asked that her blog readers do a post celebrating Maddie today on her birthday and I thought what is a better gift than for a momma to see her baby girl everywhere she looks today.

baby Maddie
 Happy Birthday Kellie!

Baby Maddie
I cannot imagine how it feels to be where you are, but you are one of the strongest women I have ever seen. I have been reading your blog since February and I have cried many tears with you and said numerous prayers for your family. I am sure Maddie is so proud looking down on you today and I am sure she is *with* you celebrating today. I hope you have a happy birthday!


  1. i read her blog too :( breaks my heart.

  2. Such an amazing way to show your support. this is a post that will remind you fast that your problems are nothing compared to others. My heart breaks for her.

  3. Thank so much for posting about our precious Maddie. Every day day we will be "stronger".


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