Oh I love my hometown

Hudson and I had to take an early morning drive this morning to run an errand and it caused us to drive ALL over town... and we did make it to Starbucks too to get a Non Fat Pumpkin Spice Latte (btw the no sugar thing lasted all of 3 days, but I am still off of coke!)

So, I found a few things pretty entertaining...
1. Taco Bell has posted on their sign that they now open at 9 am. Why in the world would Taco Bell need to open at 9 am? I don't eat Taco Bell ever... but seriously, 9 am?

2. Clowns are protesting outside of the Wal-Mart home office this morning. At first I thought it was a weird parade because of the colorful signs and balloons, and can't forget the clowns... but no, they're protesting something about recycling electronics.

3. It is definitely time for Bikes, Blues & BBQ. Motorcycles everywhere you look. Glad I am off of work, because we always get very busy during this time of year! 

Which also means we are getting VERY close to Craft Fair weekend and weather that I adore.
If only we could get that first freeze so my allergies would calm down. I swear, I can't even wear my contacts today because my eyes are so puffy and I have blown my nose so much that it is red and peeling! 
I am looking forward to a nice quiet weekend with my hubby and baby boy. It's supposed to be beautiful. Mmm... have I mentioned yet, I LOVE FALL??!!??


  1. I'm laughing at this because Scott and I discussed the whole 9 am Taco Bell thing the other day. And why 9? If you are doing breakfast - everyone hits fast food before 8 for school or work? You are missing the crowd.

    And I took a picture of the protesters because I thought it was funny. At first I thought it was some kind of Wal-Mart fun day carnival. ha!

  2. HA! I'm glad you got a picture, I was driving the other way but it was definitely picture worthy. I had stop and think if it was a holiday or something. I seriously thought it was a parade. Very weird.

  3. what a great picture of the two of you!!

    i thought the same thing about taco bell, i asked who would want a taco at 9am, and my hubs said maybe they are selling breakfast burritos? but still!!!!

    oh, and the weather has been gorgeous lately!!!! love!!!


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