Pictures and how I save Monday

I am back with How I Save Monday after taking a month or so off for Surgery... and I am so excited!

First a few pictures...
These are my very very best friends (since high school!)... Mickelle got married in Utah last month and this was her reception here in AR.

I got Hudson a toddler backpack for his birthday because all of the other little boys at MDO have backpacks and not diaper bags...

The trouble is...

We have a problem with balance when we are wearing it! Ha!
Now onto the good stuff... I made a few trips to Walgreens yesterday to get some AWESOME deals! It is a great week for Walgreens couponing!

 Now my numbers are a little off because I had to end up doing returns because some RR didn't print... but here we go.

Transaction 1
Zarbee's nighttime children cough and cold-- Sale $5.99, RR $6-- FREE-- plus I had a $1 off mfc so I made a dollar on this
Theraflu 2/$10-- I had 2/$2 off coupons and got back a $5 RR... so I paid just $1 for both!
Total Paid-- roughly $11, got back $11 in RR

Transaction 2
Brachs candy corn--Sale 2/$3, get back a $1 RR and I used a $0.50 off coupon... paid just $1.50 for both bags.
Balance bar-- Sale $1.60, get back a $1.60 RR-- FREE
Popcorn Indiana--Sale $1.99, I had a $1 off mfc... so I paid just $0.99
Eggs-- Sale $1.29
Total Paid-- I used my $6 RR to pay and my total after that was $1.45

Transaction 3
Newspaper-- $1.25 (have to support my habit, ha! and the only reason I did this separately was because I forgot)
Total Paid-- $1 RR and total was $0.25

So I paid roughly $12.75 out of pocket and still had a $5 RR and a $1.60 RR to use next time. I figured out my totals before savings (around $40) and after RR and ended up with something like a 93% savings.

I love FREE!
Also, a few weeks ago I signed up for a free promotion from vocalpoint to get a free Swiffer 360 duster and it came in the mail on Saturday along with 4 very high value Swiffer coupons... I am one excited cleaner and excited to use it soon!

A note about couponing... 

I am "mentoring" a friend of mine with couponing. She has gone with me the last two weeks and the thing that she is having a problem with is buying things that her family doesn't need right now. For instance the Theraflu and Children's cough medicine. To me, it is a good deal to stock up when it is so cheap because I know that in the next two years before it expires (and probably in the next two months) we will get sick, and instead of having to run to the store to get medicine and pay full price (because when you are sick, you just don't care)... I will have it in my medicine cabinet ready to go, when I bought it at $0.50 a box instead of $6. Now the child cough medicine is only good for kids over age 2, and my baby is just 1. But I checked the expiration date and it is good for two years AND adults can take it AND I made a dollar on it-- so who cares.

The way I see it-- I am saving money on things that I will need eventually and when I have plenty of it, even if it is a good deal, I don't buy more. Then I go back and use those RR on things like milk, eggs, bread, PB... that I would be buying/need anyways.

On another note... that same friend and I are starting a new thing... every Thursday we will be baking and I will be posting a new recipe (or two) with our reviews and revisions on the original recipe.  Some we will make healthier and some we won't.

So this week, I am back to my normal schedule.


Tomorrow is meal planner Tuesday, Wednesday is going to be all about my lack of recent weightloss and Thursday will be all about desserts (which probably won't help with Wednesday's topic).

Stay Tuned!


  1. aw cute pic of us all!! Also, hudson keeps looking more and more like bryan. Its his mini-me!


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