Weight loss Wednesday

First off-- Mackey's Madness is doing a week long giveaway special. With TWO giveaways a day. Today's is awesome... you must go check it out!

Second, I kind of already did my weight loss post on Monday but I will do it again today...

I have been at a stand still since my surgery and we have family pictures next week.

Which has lead me to something CRAZY. No added sugar or coke (even diet) for three weeks.

I am on day two and so far so good... except I have a crazy caffeine headache.

I want to lose 7 lbs fast and then 30 at some what of a fast but healthy pace. I will be able to start exercising again soon too and I cannot wait! Mainly just on the ellipical and walking on the treadmill but that is better than nothing.

That's all for now... and on tomorrow's menu is The Pioneer Woman's Chicken Pot Pie... and I cannot wait!


  1. I've been sticking to the no pop and I'm still doing good and I have snuck in a walk every night! I have a plan coming to my blog soon!!!


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