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Ok y'all! I found another great deals website! Groopdealz has all kinds of half off savings and its usually Etsy type of stuff.

I signed up for it yesterday and last night these became available...

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These awesome "Days Until" signs are perfect for the Holiday season. I can't wait to get mine and accessorize around it! They are only $15! Click here to get one for yourself or to see the other dealz!

Meals for the week
Monday- Body Life Group-- Mexican Night-- I took chips and salsa
Tuesday- Chicken Enchilada Soup
Wednesday- BBQ sandwiches and sweet potatoes fries
Thursday- Crockpot Pot Roast, Potatoes and Carrots with crescent rolls
Friday- Left overs

I have made it my mission to do no grocery shopping for the next three weeks and to just eat everything that we have. I may have to run just to get Milk for Hudson, but other than that I am staying out of Wal-Mart.

Weight loss hasn't been great lately. With our mini vacations and the cooler weather I have been wanting lots of comfort foods. I am counting my points as of Monday but I majorly cheated yesterday (ate cookies and left over cheesecake). I am trying not to get down on myself because I know each day is a new day. So today I will do better!

We are off to a play date with some friends this morning and my boys are going to get haircuts tonight! It will be an eventful day!

Have a blessed day, friends!


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