How I Save Monday

We did a lot of fun stuff last week. We had our first ever play date with some of the girls from our small group and we had a really good time chatting while the kiddos played! Hudson was the only boy, and the youngest, but he held his own! He really liked the tool set in the last picture... maybe mommy and daddy need to get him one for Christmas!

I especially like the second picture because Ashlyn is giving me a horrible look for taking a picture, ha!

Going on a walk! YAY! My knee is finally better! The fall weather in NWA has been amazing this past week, we are loving it!

Playing with mom on Saturday, daddy was busy with pictures most of the weekend :(

 Yesterday was a fairly good couponing day at Walgreens.

I didn't have a whole lot to get but we were out of kleenex and almost out of baby wipes, and thankfully I got good deals on both of those yesterday!

I got everything pictured above for $9. Considering that the pizzas alone are usually $7 each (or we order delivery and pay $20...) I think I did pretty good!

Digorno Pizza- Sale 2/$10, 1/$1 wgc, 2/$2 off mfc... total $5 for both, $2.50 each
Cool Touch Kleenex- Sale 2/$3 with $1 RR, I used 2/$0.50 off bringing my total down to $1 total
Huggies wipes (big pack)- Sale $4.99, $2 off wgc, $0.50 off mfc... total was $2.50
Sunday newspaper- $1.50, used a $2 RR from last week

Total before savings- $22, I paid $9

Someone asked last week where I get my coupons. I get them from a variety of places-- Mainly the Sunday paper,, facebook offers, or inside of products. Also sometimes I get them in the mail or tear pads in the store. You just have to keep your eyes open!


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