Hudson's Fall Pictures

We have had a photography session scheduled with a photographer in the area since the summer, but due to various things have had to reschedule multiple times. We were supposed to do pictures this last week, but of course it rained and she can't fit us in now until way later this winter.

So, we saved some money and Bryan did pictures of Hudson... and I think that they turned out perfect. I think we are going out with some friends hopefully this week to get a good family picture too.

Have I mentioned before how talented I think my husband is? Oh and how cute my little boy is? 

In case you're wondering, he looks just like his daddy with momma's brown eyes and chubby cheeks... and head full of hair. Bryan was a bald bald baby. I am absolutely in love.


  1. These are such wonderful pictures! I love the last 2 with the hat adorable!

  2. Oh my word!! The hat and tie are just too much!!! He is so stink'n cute!

  3. Jenna! I love the last one! haha So cute!!

  4. I don't know why you would ever pay someone to take pics of Hudson. Bryan does a wonderful job. Can't wait to have you both come back and take some holiday pics!


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