I am not going to lie.

This week has been rough. We got some pretty disappointing news...

I can't go into details. It isn't about health, babies, work or anything like that... thankfully, but still disappointing.


My Jesus is SO good. He has given me a peace the surpasses all understanding, and lately He has answered so many of our prayers. 

I have been praying for a group of friends who share the same passions and are in the same walk of life that I am in for a very long time... years. Bryan and I have been praying for this at least since we have been married, if not longer. I am so happy that He has faithfully answered our prayers and brought me a group of girl friends who all have crazy, young kiddos (or are expecting), love Jesus and share in so many of my struggles. 

Bryan and I decided about a year ago that it was time to start searching for a new church. Don't get me wrong-- we love our home church. It feels like home to us, we love the people and are so comfortable there-- comfortable-- an interesting word. We both were needing to feel like we fit in somewhere other than in a church where we knew everyone and everything, where we weren't just our parent's children and could be seen as adults with our own family.

God led us to Grace Point Church and to a Body Life Group with an incredible group of families. We have been in this group now since April, and I already feel such a bond with the other women in the group. I feel like for the first time in a long time, these girls understand me and what I am going through. To me, that is priceless.

So, in a time of disappointing news, my Jesus answered a different prayer in an amazing way-- and crazy enough, the disappointing news was an answer to prayer too... just not the answer we were hoping for. I was with my sweet girl friends when we got the disappointing news, and I really felt like God knew that I needed to be with them at that time. 

I feel an overwhelming peace today, knowing that I am taken care of and that regardless of the situations I am placed in, Jesus hears my prayers and He cares enough to answer them.


  1. sorry for the bad news, but so happy to hear the lord answering your other prayer.

    it gives me hope because i've had this same prayer for me and my husband. i long for that closeness with other ladies/moms and the same for my husband. we've been going to cross church since this summer. i'm hoping the lord introduces us to some new friends. :)

    p.s. my sister and her family attend grace point too! :)

  2. jenners!! i hope everything is ok. and i'm learning the difficulties of the whole new friends can suck!! but i'm glad you've found some peeps and i love you!

  3. kimberley- I have been there and esp being the "new" ones in church can be overwhelming. I pray the Lord brings you close friends too, there is nothing better! :) If you ever try out GPC let me know! We love it!! :)

    Mick- love you too friend.

  4. I've learned many things, but the greatest of these is that there is nothing more valuable than peace. Rejoicing with you as you find peace in your Father.


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