Rue La La did it again... and Meal Planner Tuesday!

First, I haven't bought anything off of Rue La La in a couple of months. I have had a $10 credit and have just been browsing and waiting for the perfect time to use it. Well today is that day.

I never was self conscious about my tummy until after having Hudson, that was never my problem area-- Now, it is. My friend was just telling me last week about Yummie Tummie... these awesome undergarments that hide imperfections. Other than celebrities who can pay mucho money for nannies (to watch their kids so they have time to work out) and personal trainers... I think most mommies (post baby) would love to have one of these to hide their less than perfect tummy... and a lot of women in general would probably like this product!

Here is a link to their website so you can see what they offer and what their prices are like-- Yummie Tummie.

photo credit from here
My friend let me borrow hers and I am a believer!

So here is the good news... Rue La La has Yummie Tummies for sale at COST today... I am sure my friend paid close to $70 for hers and I snagged a tank top and some briefs (TMI?) for $65 total with shipping! Also, Rue La La also does shipping for $9.95/mo. That's a pretty good deal since their deals change every two days and they now have a kids store!

So here is a personal invite from me in case you also want to hide a post baby belly or any other imperfections... Rue La La Invite

Meals for the week

Sunday- Chili (It was delish!)
Monday- BLG-- baked potatoes and soup
Tuesday- BBQ sandwiches and sweet potato fries
Wednesday- Pot Roast steamer and mashed potatoes (moved over from last week)
Thursday- Lasagna (using up things in my freezer), salad and breadsticks
Friday- Left overs

Have a blessed day, friends. Let me know if you get some yummie tummie goodness, trust me, is is well worth it!


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