Taylor Swift and How I Save Monday!

My little skeleton baby!

Huddy and daddy opening Bryan's new xbox
 Last week I bought and surprised Bryan with a new xbox. He had one before Hudson was born but got rid of it so he wouldn't have distractions from school work and a new baby. He officially graduated in June and works TWO jobs and I thought he was very deserving of this gift. He was excited and Huddy likes to play with the controllers when daddy isn't looking.

I got a new curling iron and I have been watching a ton of hair and makeup tutorials on Makeup by Tiffany d and this was my first try at loose curls... I was happy with how it turned out, it just didn't hold like I was wanting. Any suggestions?

Have I mentioned that I love having long hair??
This is a pic of me getting ready for the concert at our hotel, I am sporting my fab new headband made by Brittany at Naturally Estes!

In other news, Bryan got me tickets to see Taylor Swift for my birthday back in September. Well our fun weekend finally came and my husband is a trooper for coming with me and sitting through a concert with 18000 teenage girls. 

Before the concert

She came and did like 5 songs on this spinning tree right by where we were sitting.

It was pretty cool

There is a story to this picture. Read below.
 Okay, I had to write the story behind the above picture. Taylor came within 5 feet of where we were sitting. I was going to climb up on the chairs (folding chairs) in my high heel boots (that I wasn't supposed to be wearing, hope my dr doesn't read this) just a month after knee surgery. I'm a pretty smart girl so I decided that it would work out a lot better to make Bryan do it (he is a photographer after all). Well he was convinced all night to get close enough to her to take a picture of himself (making a funny face) with her in the background. According to him (afterwards, or I would have done it myself had I have known), this was his perfect opportunity. This is how the picture turned out-- You can see Taylor's neck and upper torso (purple dress) in the upper left corner. Major PHOTOGRAPHER Fail.

Rocking out on stage, we had great seats!

The video above is Taylor flying RIGHT over us during "Love Story" which I like to think was one of our wedding songs... a ton of confetti comes down at the end, it was pretty cool. I promise that isn't me singing (okay, maybe I don't)... it was a really fun concert and we agreed that it was more like a Broadway show than a concert.

So we had a fabulous weekend in OKC. We did some shopping and ate at Cheesecake Factory, twice. I started counting weight watchers points again this morning...

And now for my awesome day of savings...

At Walgreens this morning I got everything pictured above.

Suave hair care is on sale for $3 each with a $3 RR if you spend $10.
I bought four items, $12 total. Used 2 B1G1 free coupons and got back $3 RR. So I paid $6 but after the RR only $3 for $12 worth or products. (All stuff that I use too, LOVE the dry shampoo!)

Reach toothbrush is on sale for $2.99, I had a $1 off mfc and got back a $2 RR-- making it FREE!

Colgate Sensitive Pro-relief is on sale for $4.99, I had a $1 off mfc and got back a $3 RR. Paying just $0.99.

My total before coupons was $22, with tax after coupons was $13.33 and I got back $8 in RR. Pretty darn good. So technically I ended up paying just $5.33 for four haircare products a tooth brush and tube of tooth paste.

Then I ventured on to Wal-Mart...

I got a lot more things than what is pictured but I didn't think you probably cared to see my groceries... these were the things I got REALLY good deals on.

Suave kids 2 in 1 shampoo is $1.88 each, I had a B1G1 free coupon so I got both for $1.88.
1.7 oz Old Spice body wash is $0.97, I had a $1 mfc... so I made $0.03 on each one.
Covergirl blush is $3.67 each, I had a $8 off of 2 coupon, so I made $0.66 here too.
Crest complete bonus pack is on sale for $2.47. I had a $2 off mfc and I got two, so I paid just under a dollar for both. The picture below shows that it comes with a scope sample and a floss sample along with $13 in coupons!
My total at Wal-Mart before coupons was $110. I paid $81. I was very proud of myself! I've said it before and I will say it again. You should NEVER have to pay full price for tooth paste or tooth brushes (deodorant too)... you can usually get it for free!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are enjoying the cool fall weather as much as I am! I am so excited that it is supposed to freeze on Wednesday so I can finally get a handle on my allergies!


  1. Where do u get your coupons?

  2. Your husband really is a trooper for going to see Taylor! I've seen her twice and I absolutely loved her!!!! I wish that I liked to coupon, but I just can't get into it. You did great, though!!


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