Exciting Announcement!

I can finally disclose why I have been neglecting my blog and why my life has been crazy for the past two months...

On Wednesday... we made the biggest purchase of our lives...

Our new house!!
It has been a long road. We actually had a contract on another house (a foreclosure... a word to the wise-- stay AWAY from foreclosures) and a week before we were supposed to close we found out that it fell through. We started looking again and found this house, it is brand new and bigger than the other one... and actually perfect for our family. The builder has been so great to do all the little stuff for us and we actually got it closed in two weeks! Needless to say, it has been a whirlwind but we are absolutely loving our new house.

So our Thanksgiving "dinner" was pizza and then I think we had late night taco bell. My parents took Hudson with them to my grandparents house so we could get settled without little hands getting into everything. He just got home tonight and he loves his new room, and I love that it is on the same floor as us and all of his toys can stay in there now.

We are very blessed and excited. For those interested I will be posting pictures room by room soon. :)


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