Jolly St. Nick

Today I have an awesome guest post from Samantha at The Peanuts Game. I'd be lying if I said that I didn't tear up a little while reading this precious story. My favorite thing about the holidays is time with the ones we love. Enjoy! 

Oh and also... In a few days I will be doing a sneak peek look at the rooms in my new house. :)

Two Christmases ago, my dad did something incredibly special for my family. He came as Santa to our family’s Christmas Eve gathering. After years of playing Santa when I was a child, my dad stopped coming as Santa because my brother and his wife decided not to do “Santa” with their kids.
Despite his resistance, I knew that when I had my kids, I wanted my dad as Santa Claus to reappear. He insisted that Santa was gone for good.  I was devastated. I had wanted so desperately to share this special something with my kids, but it seemed out of reach.  Imagine my surprise when on Christmas Eve, that faint, “Ho, ho, ho” emerged. What a selfless thing he did that day, my shy-guy dad.
After that wonderful night, I wrote my first son, Charlie, this letter. I can hardly wait to share this with our newest addition, Jack. 

Dear Charlie,
Oh, what a wonderful Christmas Eve you had today! You started the day with your Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Dan, Aunt Sara, and Aunt Sarah. You loved the train and even helped daddy open your gifts. We then headed to Uncle David and Aunt Mimi's house for Christmas time with the WHOLE family on Momma's side. Even though your teeth were bothering you, you were a good sport and managed to flirt with the entire Hacker family. 

As we wait for Santa (and to celebrate the birth of Jesus), I thought I'd take time to reflect on my favorite part of tonight's evening. There are people in your life, besides daddy and I, who love you so much more than you could ever even imagine. They love you (and I), so much, that they would even put their own feelings aside to make you truly happy! Tonight, your poppy went above and beyond! I write this letter now, only because I know that you will not read it until you are much much older (or at least I will hide it until then). Many years ago, when me and all your aunties were younger, your Poppy used to dress up as Santa Claus for us on Christmas Eve (ask Mimi about when she was a Reindeer!). It was the highlight of the evening as he kissed the babies, tip-toed across the lawn and came in bearing a small sack of gifts. I will never forget those moments, waiting for his big red suit to greet us and the flashbulbs that ensued. After doing it for many years, Poppy no longer donned the suit and Santa was in "retirement" for a while. When I was pregnant with you in 2008, I knew that being almost 1 in 2009, I had to have Poppy as Santa there for you. So around my birthday this year, I began working on Poppy to bring back Santa, just for you. He resisted (as expected), but I just prayed that my persistence (and his heart) would pay off. A few days before this year's Christmas Eve, he revealed that he bought a suit (and I knew he was serious then). All throughout the night, I knew he was nervous - the big debut, the new kids, different people, more people. As he rounded the stairs, my heart leapt - knowing that he stood there - just for you and me (at least in my mind). I was nearly in tears. What love he had for us as he did this thing, that to many, seemed like such a small act. It meant the world to me and one day, you will know this too. So, little one, as you turned to stroke his beard, look into his eyes, or rip off his glasses, know that he loves you (and me) so very much.

I love you,


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