So I have been very preoccupied/sick/out of town... and in a blogging slump. So this is a very random post with pictures and updates about us.

We went to Missouri this weekend so Bryan could go hunting, he didn't get anything but we had a good time visiting with family. Hudson was perfect in the car, couldn't ask for a better baby!

I saw my knee doctor today and I am off of work for two more months at least... he said my recovery is going as expected but I am not strong enough to work 12 hours shifts yet. It is good for me to be home with my baby... but not great for the pocket book. :) *especially right before Christmas when I want to shop!

I've got some kind of nasty cold, sore throat, head pounding thing going on right now... not fun.
Crazy iphone pic we sent to Bryan the other day
This week I have a big project for school due, it's taken up most of my time-- I am SO ready for the semester to be done.

Hudson officially has a blanky/lovey... I tried to predetermine what it was going to be and I failed... He has chosen this blanket from Target... He never sucks his thumb unless he is going to sleep or has his blanket. I took it away from him yesterday so I could wash it and he threw a fit so I went to target to buy another one, but of course it is last season... so I got a similar one hoping he won't notice the difference when I need to swap one out.
Hudson and his lovey
Hudson is officially 14 months old as of last week. I can't believe it, he is getting so big.
eating mini corn dogs

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  1. ahh he is soo cute!!! and getting so grown up! Hope you get better! Also I love the picture from jeremy cavness. So precious.


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