15 months!!

I'm not really doing month posts anymore but I wanted to update what Hudson is doing these days mostly so I remember.

--You have started doing the cutest thing... you say "ooooooooooooo" and make an "O" mouth... when you get really excited. We don't know where you learned it but it melts my heart!
--You say "hot" and "dada" more than anything else.... and I think "hot" takes the prize on your most frequent word. You say it about our fireplace, the oven, the stove, my scentsy burners and when your food is steaming... and some times about things that aren't hot, but we are working on that. The funny thing is that you whisper it, and we have NO idea why. Adorable.

--You also say "all done", "Sadie", "Oscar", "Mama", "Apple", "light", "Num Nums" (food) and then you will go pull on your high chair and point to the freezer (where your waffles are).
--You are into EVERYTHING. It has gotten worse since we have moved... but literally into everything. You love to climb and stand on tall things too, you're a little dare devil and definitely ALL boy.
--But you are such an easy and happy baby.
--You love being in your stroller. We bundle up and go on walks every afternoon.
--You love your blanket and can find it anywhere in the house if we ask you where it is.
--Your favorite foods are green beans, sweet potatoes, ritz crackers, waffles, chicken nuggets, and apple sauce
--You love Sadie and giggle at her all the time. You love to pet her and pull on her tail and she is SO good with you too.
--You are good at pointing at whatever you want to show us.
--As of two days ago you weighed 24.4 lbs and were 31 inches long. You are in the 50th percentile which is perfect in my book! You wear 12-18 mo clothes and size 4 shoes and diapers.

--You are still the sweetest and biggest blessing to us. Watching you grow and learn has been so fun and we are so excited to see you open your Christmas presents next week!!

We love you Hudson Charles! The past 15 months have been the best of our lives and has flown by!!

Mommy and Daddy


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