I've seen some fellow bloggers doing confession posts lately, and I thought I would share a few deep dark secrets with you all...

--I can't go to sleep until my house is picked up and the dishes are at least in the dish washer. I hate waking up to a messy house, I'd rather spend the extra time at night to wake up to a clean house.
--Sometimes Hudson and I go on drives. Usually about 3 o'clock to Sonic. Because sometimes it is the only way I can maintain my sanity.
--I love cookie dough. It's kind of like an addiction, it's bad.
--I love checking the mail. I wish I got more personal snail mail though... most days its just boring stuff.
--My coupon binder is a mess. I haven't really organized or cleaned it out since October. It's on my to-do list in the next two weeks.
--I try really hard to make my coffee as good as Starbucks... unfortunately no luck yet.
--I like to eat soup... I also like to use chips to scoop out the soup like dip... and I like to put sour cream and cheese in most soups.
--I enjoy days that I don't have to do anything or don't have anywhere to go. Usually Hudson and I stay in our jammies all day.
--Most days, I nap when Hudson naps. I love nap time.
--The first thing I do in the morning is turn on my Keurig, the second thing is to pick up the pillows Sadie messed up on the couch over night (I might be a little obsessive about my house being picked up).
--I've been walking almost every day and trying to get back on the weight loss band wagon, I need to lose about 40 more lbs. Who wants to join me??

That's all I have for tonight. Hope you're all having a fun Christmas week!!


  1. I love to check the mail too! The REAL mail...especially this time of year when we get CHRISTMAS cards!

  2. i should do a post like this too! fun! i need to lose about that much too! boo!

  3. Ooh, I'm SO going to do a confessions post!

    AND I SO need to join you in losing around 50 LBS. lie!

  4. Me and Ruby used to do 3:00 car rides, too. And she'd crash and I'd get a drink somewhere and it would be quiet and peaceful and wonderful.


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