How I Save-- Tuesday!

I'm bringing back my "how I save" posts starting today! I am trying to post them at the beginning of the week so if you want to go out and get the same deals, you still have the whole week after I post to do it! We moved further away from Walgreens so I may not be going there as much but I did go there this week.

Here is what I scored...
We stuffed stockings for a local teen shelter at our small group Christmas and I decided to bring deodorants and mini body washes. I needed ten of each and was only short 4 deodorants and 2 mini body washes in my stock piles thanks to great previous couponing deals.

So here is the breakdown...
Infants Advil- 2 for $5.99 each, -$2 off in ad wgc (takes off $4), 2/-$1.10 off mfc (found here)... so I got both for $5.80 and then got an additional $3 back in RR making these just $1.40 each! Great price!
Ban deodorant- 3 for $3.99 each, in ad coupon for $1.99 each... just $6 for all 3.
Axe deodorant- 1 for $3.79, -1 off mfc and got back a $1 RR... so $1.79

(and some (cheap) AWESOME stocking stuffers for my hubs... hope he doesn't read this, lol)
Nerds ropes- 2/$1
M'n'M's Christmas- on clearance for $0.38 each.
M'n'M's minis- 2 for $1.79 each, in ad coupon for $0.59 each plus $1 off of 2. $0.09 each!

My total before coupons/sale/discounts was $42 and I only spent a grand total of $16.48 before tax and got back $4 in RR. Not too shabby!

I also wanted to include a few other things that I love...

I am obsessed with this greek yogurt, I use it to cook and in place of sour cream! Wonderful stuff!!

AND have you tried this Creamy Poppy Seed dressing??? It's great with fruit and on salads! SO yummy!

How have you saved this week??


  1. Glad your bringing back save post! i love them!


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