Meet my house-- Day 1

We have been in our new house a little over a week now. All of our applicances have been delivered and we are starting to settle in. I am finally to the point of being able to show some of the rooms of my house.

Today, I am sharing photos of my kitchen (my fav room!) with you!


  1. You even have the low oven! Love it. Tony says if we moved to Arkansas, we could afford a house like that. Way too expensive here, but I am utterly thrilled for you!

  2. Sorry, the above anonymous is me, Aunt Jean. : )

  3. Looks terrific.. Love to see it in person. Love you much. Gma J

  4. I love the cabinets and the layout of the cabinets. Looks like lots of storage and good placement!

  5. Beautiful! Look at all that counter space!


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