Super Random Update

I don't feel like I have anything very important to write about, but I feel like I need to update.

The last few weeks have been busy. Hudson, Bryan and I have all rotated through being sick, it's just that time of year. Hudson has been especially adventurous lately and into everything. I have been blaming it on moving to a new house with new "no-no's" and being out of his routine. Yesterday a new tooth popped through and there are two more almost through, so I am wondering now if that is part of it.

This week we have a Christmas party, I have to get my Christmas cards sent and I need to finish Christmas shopping. I have been a bit of a scrooge this year with decorating too... We just were given a big, nice tree last week and I decided that it wasn't worth it to me to put it up for just two weeks, and for those two weeks have to battle with my son to stay away from it. So the tree isn't going up until next year. It's sad because I usually put it up mid-November so that we can enjoy it for two months or so but with the move it just didn't happen this year.

I need to get pictures up of the rest of the house--- Our living room is done, and will probably be featured next. We have a completely empty room and a room that just holds my treadmill, so I probably won't be sharing those until much later down the road when we have things to put in them. Our house has four bedrooms and a formal dining room... which is great because we have "growing" room... but it is somewhat empty for now and probably will remain that way until we have another baby.

My baby boy turned 15 months yesterday. He is such a little man these days.  I enjoy so much watching him grow and learn every day. Bryan and I went and bought his Christmas presents today and I cannot wait to set them out on Christmas morning. Bryan actually gets to put it together too, it is so fun to be the parents!

I am starting to coupon again and work on really saving money since I am still not working. We have really been living off of my "mini stock pile" for the last couple of months and I am actually donating a bunch of extra stuff to charity for stockings for teens this Christmas.

Thankfully I am done with school for the semester and can enjoy a few weeks off.

That's it for now. Sorry for all of the random thoughts and lack of pictures. Hope you're all having a super weekend.


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