Tilapia Salad with Basil Pesto Ranch

So I am trying to eat healthy again and have started doing weight watchers again. I am trying to do better about eating left overs and using ingredients that I already have at home without eating TOO much processed stuff. So today I decided to use some left over tilapia, pesto and lettuce before it went bad so the Tilapia salad with basil pesto ranch was born... and I can tell you now that I will be making this a lot!

Here is what I did...


 I took some pesto that I bought for a pasta dish last week and mixed it with 1/2 c. regular Ranch and 1/2 c. light ranch. Bryan hates light ranch so I mixed it so maybe he wouldn't notice-- and he didn't.

 Then I refrigerated it and let it sit for about an hour.

 In the mean time I mixed some spinach leaves with feta cheese, olives and slivered almonds.

 I then re-vamped left over fish by just reheating in a skillet with some olive oil.

Here is the final product. It was delish, trust me. My hubby gobbled it up!

So there is my new healthy recipe for the day. I am always needing new things to make for lunch because I usually only eat canned soups or sandwiches, but this just seems so much better for me.

***Maybe I shouldn't mention this... but I also made a few chocolate chip cookies to go along as dessert, but I was a good girl, I only ate two and sent the rest with Bryan to work-- Now that is a start!***


  1. yummy- i''ll have to try this one myself. Duke hates olives, feta and fish. so lame

  2. Jenna, that is awesome! I am doing WW too. Have lost about 4 lbs in less than a month. I'll take that! How many points is the salad? I want to make that!

  3. This sound so good! Have you tried Walmart's Market Side Light Ranch (In the produce section). It's really good with no MSG or other yucky stuff. I'm with Brian, I don't do light ranch dressing but I can't tell a difference.


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