What I'm totin' Wednesday

So my purse needed to be cleaned out and one of my friends had done a post of her purse contents... so here goes nothing (I promise that I am showing you EVERY thing that was in my purse when I started)

From left to right starting at the top...
1. Wipes
2. Wallet
3. Video Camera (Sony Bloggie, LOVE)
4. Mirror, 3 bobby pins, two pony tail holders and a pair of earrings
5. Keys 
6. Earbuds
7. Diaper
8. Misc. Walmart reciepts
9. Kleenexs
10. Ibuprofen
11. baby tylenol
12. two lotions
13. SEVEN lip glosses/chapsticks... two are duos, one with perfume and one with mascara
14. two pens
15. two almost empty hand santitizers
16. A quarter
17. Gum
18. ticket to Christmas eve service... I had two and I lost one :-/
19. another lip gloss
20. two mints and two listerine pocket paks
21. fingernail clippers
22. coupon
23. coupon
24. powder
25. coupon
26. coupon booklet
27. coupon
I have to say... I am a little embarrassed to admit that I had 6 lip glosses and two chap sticks in my purse... but more embarrassed to admit that I rarely can find them. Oh and not pictured is my camera... because I had to use it to take this picture, but it makes it's home in there too, and my iPhone is not in this mess either. I would also dare to say that my purse was in fairly good-ish condition before this little project so it could have been, and usually is, much worse...

Anyways, this was fun! I'd love it if you want to join so I can see whats hiding in your purse too!


  1. I don't carry a purse anymore! I bought a clutch from Vera Bradley that holds all my credit cards/id's and a pocket for my cell phone! I do throw a few other things into the diaper bag (camera, chap stick).

  2. I'm so impressed at all the practical stuff you have in your purse! I have a lot of the same things too. :) And I love your purse - so cute!


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