Busy life!

I haven't done very well at updating lately... I've gone back to work and between that, starting a new school semester AND getting a new puppy things have been pretty crazy around my house! So I thought I would just post some new-ish pics from my iphone.

My boy and his puzzles...

Our 3rd anniversary dinner date!

This was what I ate-- Portobello Mushroom Lasagna at Bordinos... yum!!!

My two loves watching TV

We went walking out at the new Crystal Bridges Museum
My friend Sarah and I holding sweet puppies... My little Miss Molly!

Hudson "fishing" in Sadie's water bowl
Yes its first thing in the morning and this is what my boy get out EVERY morning... he LOVES his waffles

Molly loves to cuddle up on the couch 
Hudson loves to help me in the kitchen

cutest boy

Our Molly Girl!
I'm going to try to do better at updating from now on, late new years resolution?? :)


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